Saturday, March 2, 2013

Busy happy life!

This weekend has been another productively busy one and so has this week.  We had Elementary Sports Day on Wednesday.  Basically this is field day.  Our wonderful P.E. teacher organizes the whole thing and the teachers help with games and what not.  Moe came in and helped me run a game called Ninja Time.  It was quite fun, but made for a long day, even though it only went until lunch!  Thursday was a fairly normal day and then Friday we went to see the first 'showing'or dress rehearsal of the musical the school is doing.  There were a couple elementary students in it, one from my class, so it was very fun to see it as a class!

Thursday we got Chico neutered so we have been busy with him as well.  Total cost for it and for medication for his ears that are still gross was 1000 baht, or 33 dollars! woot.  He has a cone on for our protection!  Thursday he was quite droggy (ha! doggy!) and we were worried. But since then he has been his active self. Playing with his ball is HYSTERICAL now because he often loses it and cant see it! We are definitely blessed to have a great puppy.  I shared this on facebook but think it is too funny not to share again. Chico now has a place to store his toys!

Anyway, this weekend is productive as well.  I had brunch with a friend and then we browsed around for awhile.  I asked if she knew anyone who could sew and she did!! I am hopefully going to have a few skirts and/or dresses made, since buying things in my size here is Oh so fun!  I will say that I have been able to find some cute and cheap tops so that is great.  So we browsed for supplies.  Depending on labor I think I could get a simple skirt made for less than 100, or 3 dollars!!  Definitely like that!

Today, I also had a better appreciation for my Grams.  She often goes to the salon to get her hair done, shampoo and dry.  Well I did just that today! (actually they did trim it but I wasnt expecting that!)  When I walked in I saw people lying down getting there hair washed and was quite surprised.  This was a Thai place so I was not able to communicate much myself. I went with someone who spoke Thai and has been there often before so I wasnt too worried! I lie down and get blasted with cold water. (Hot water is a rarity here.) so I was surprised by that.  Then she was roughly scratching my head while washing it.  Now I was worried. Suddenly she began massaging my head in a way I had never felt before. It was beautiful.  My head felt amazing.  She even rubbed my neck a good bit too! It was lovely.  I then got a trim and my hair dried.  Oh funny part, she 'curled' my hair as well.  I had at least 5 round brushes in my hair holding my hair so it would curl.  I looked hysterical.  Also, I had to slouch in my chair so the woman could see the top of my head and work with my hairs.  Final cost of this adventure 220! 7 dollars.  It was beautiful.

Finally, for dinner tonight we had tacos.  Originally, Moe wanted to go to the grocery for Mayo for his Ranch dip, but we ended up splurging on lots of things.  We made tacos with real ground beef.  We haven't bought or knowingly had beef in a long time! We were thrilled! And it wasn't too expensive.  We had chips and salsa as well! mmmmmm mmmmmmm! It was delicious.  We were so so SO pleased. We ate it all! Even though now I wish we would have saved some for leftovers. OH the other thing we got at the store was HONEYCOMBS!!! I am stoked. I might eat some now... yep doing it.  It was a little costly, but Moe let me do it since I looked so pretty today... ha!

Ok off to eat cereals and play with Chico.  Then read and bed! Have a great day ya'll! UPDATE:  Moe wants it to be known that the box of cereal was (I say Only) 285 baht.  That is almost 10 dollars.  Yes expensive!!! But there was a box of Rice Krispie Treats and something else that were 450 baht! Also, Moe wants me to mention that it is HOT here.  Today my phone said it was 99*F.  And it is only the beginning of March.  We could not see the mountain today because of the pollution.  We are fearful of a LONG hot season... ugh.