Sunday, September 28, 2014

Grade 4 Assembly on Honesty

Wow I cant believe my last post was in August and it is almost October.  But then again I can believe it because things have been very crazy here. I have a couple of posts in mind for the upcoming weeks, so hopefully I can find time for them.  For now, I wanted to share about our 4th grade assembly.

My school's character education is called The Virtue Project. We focus on virtues each month, in our classrooms and behaviors and what not.  Each month there is a specific virtue to focus on and at the end of the month a grade level (two classes) presents a 20-40 minute assembly on that virtue.  I should specify that is done for the elementary only.

This month the virtue was honesty and the 4th grade signed up for the assembly.  My partner and I like to go early in the school year to get it out of the way. It does take up a good bit of class time but the students love it and we find ways to incorporate it into the curriculum.

Here I am entertaining the wound up children just before the assembly starting... photo taken from cmis website gallery

This year my partner and I decided to allow the students to create the skits, since honesty is a well understood virtue.  We chose some basic ideas for skits and then asked for student input.  They said all of the things that we had decided so it was perfect.  My class was to create 3 skits and so was hers.  My students voted for which skit they wanted to be part of, and then I assigned them.  They were in charge of creating the script, assigning roles, figuring out props and clothing, deciding on signs or narrators and everything.

Its always so fun to see them perform, and to see their parents gushing over them!  The entire assembly took just about 30 minutes. I was unable to record the entire thing, and frankly you probably wouldnt want to watch that! But I do have 2 short videos to give a little idea of what happened.

Photo taken from: cmis website gallery
All of the assemblies sort of look like this:  first we stand for the King's song (which is required for all large gatherings, including movie showings). Then we pray to Jesus. Next is reading of the definition, provided by The Virtue Project, then the skits or songs or poems or videos done by the students.  We did a Poem about honesty that the students created.  Generally we end with the School Song. Here is a video of  the CMIS School Song.

Also, our resident photographer always does a great job taking pictures. If you want to see some pictures of the event you can view them at our school website gallery here