Sunday, October 5, 2014

We live in a beautiful world

I keep finding myself in awe of the beauty around me. As I keep saying I have been super busy, but not too busy to stop and relish at the beauty of nature. (ps I had to google that relish was actually the word I wanted and not only a condiment, it means great enjoyment). I think taking note of these beautiful times and places has allowed me to enjoy my busyness a little bit more and stay motivated to the task at hand.

It also allows me to stay engaged in what I am doing and not worrying about the next thing.  On the car ride home from volleyball tournament I find joy hearing the kids interact and discuss life; I also enjoy hearing them mixing their languages, or talking to their mothers on the phone in another language than what they use with their friends.  I am enjoying my students and learning their demeanor and unique silliness. I enjoy when my work challenges and motivates me. I enjoy my school work and learning how to be a better teacher.  I enjoy when Moe and I watch a show together or play with Chico.  I am truly enjoying life and I could not be happier.

That's really all I have to say today.  Life is good.  Here are some pictures that I could not help but taking of the beauty around me.

View from our back door. Do you see the bananas??

fruit growing...

more bananas!

had to stop on my way to church to take this picture. 

so I decided to take a selfie too ;) 

still beautiful after church so I took some more pics from the roof at home

The sky is so blue!

volleyball teams showing off their medals from the tournament. They were so fun to coach!