Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I have been feeling quite discouraged this week.  For no one particular reason, but a handful of things have left me feeling this way.

The guidance counselor at school comes to my classroom once a week.  She is teaching the students how to identify and name their feelings.  There is even a song that gets stuck in my head.  Anyway, not every situation makes you made or sad.  Identify which one so that then you can deal with it.  It has challenged me to do the same.  Moe came to school at the end of the day yesterday and asked me how my day was. I told him frustrating.  But after I thought about it some more I realized it wasnt frustrating but discouraging.  Maybe its because of the discouragement that I feel frustrated but whatever!

Anyway, in effort to lift my spirits I wanted to share some news... no Mom I am not pregnant!!!

I have officially signed another 2 year contract to stay at my school.  Moe has one more year of grad school here so we are staying for that.  Plus we like it here so we went for the big 2 year :)

I am also staying in 4th grade.  Thankfully my school allows you to stay where you are unless you wish to move, so that is nice.

I have officially booked my ticket home for the summer.  However, as I have learned flights tend to get rescheduled so things could change.  But currently I am scheduled to arrive home on Sunday June 15th, and depart for Chiang Mai on Sunday August 3rd.  Except for August 1st my schedule is open so let's hang out!!

It is almost half way through February and I have still yet to turn on my airconditioner in my classroom!! That is about 5.5 weeks!  I am so proud of myself! That rarely happens.  The weather had been beautiful.

I have been having my students type up a report.  It is amazing to me what they can not transfer or do not know.  Although they have the red lines under misspelled words, spelling errors are still rampant.  OR they dont understand why their Korean word translated to English has the red line under it!  They dont realize that just like handwriting, you have to put spaces after periods or commas.  You have to capitalize letters, it does not do it for you! Also, the concept of saving information, or having more than one page saved in a document, is mind-blowing.  However, I must give credit to our computer teacher.  She is amazing, my kids just dont get it yet!

Obligatory Chico reference: I went away to Bangkok for a work conference and Chico did not like that I was leaving.  He tried to go with me.

Oh! And Moe and I were at the import grocery store and found this.  Yes you are seeing that right.  That is 8 pieces of deli turkey breast for 230 Thai baht which is equivalent to almost 7 (SEVEN) dollars!  We had a good laugh and then I was saddened by how expensive it is!  Mom you better have some turkey breast stocked up when I get home!

Although I am trying to teach my students not to do this, I am doing it anyway...

That's all! I'm done.