Sunday, October 6, 2013

Boasting on my weekend

I had a SUPER productive weekend!!! I thought I would share.

Friday I took my volleyball players out to ice cream to celebrate our short season. It was fun.  I got back to school excited to get some work done.  I ended up taking a bunch of work home.

When I got home however, I was hit with exhaustion.  I took a nap, made dinner, and was exhausted again by 7, thinking it was 9 or 10!!  I was cranky too....just ask Moe.  We argued a little and he sent me to bed! I gladly went to bed early.  Before I turned out the light I finished reading the book I am reading out loud to my students.  Is it weird that I get excited to read books made for kids?

I slept then for 11 hours!!!!! I woke up in time to skype with a friend. Then I skyped with my momma!

The rest of Saturday and Sunday contained:
-  Planning meals for the week
-  Grocery shopping at 2 grocery stores
-  Printing resources for school (LOTS AND LOTS!!!)
-  Cutting resources for school
-  Buying headphones so Moe doesnt get mad at me!
-  Making dinners
-  Going to church
-  Making things for school
-  Beginning report cards EARLY!!
-  Grading some autobiographies
-  Playing with the puppy
-  Napping
-  Finishing a grown up book
-  Buying a new keyboard for my computer

I think that is about covers it.  With that I am going to bed!

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