Sunday, December 7, 2014

Productive Friday

Today was the kings birthday, so we got the day off of school. I was able to sleep in finally and Chico let me! I then woke up and made myself cinnamon French toast which was delicious, I watched some shows and relaxed. Then I went out to the store to get some last Christmas decorations.  There were so many people out and showing support for the king by wearing yellow. It's so cool to see.  I also got Chico a new toy. Here is a video of him playing with it! He was so cute because he didn't want to hurt his new toy friend.

New Toy from Brittany Knechtel on Vimeo.

I then came home did some homework, watched some more shows and relaxed. I put up the last decorations, organized a few things, and had yummy leftover tacos for lunch.  Matt then decided he wanted a grill. So the adventure began by going to the Home Depot like store, called HomePro. Matt saw exactly what he wanted for cheaper than he thought possible. We had to have it, but we came on the motorbike. So we looked into delivery which was actually reasonably price but wouldn't arrive until Sunday. Matt wasn't having that, so we decided to get a songteaow. I rode with the goods in the truck, while Matt led the way with the motorbike. It cost us 3 bucks to have this guy follow Matt home and deliver our grill immediately. Then came the adventure of putting it together without instructions and grilling for the first time.  Matt was craving chicken wings so that is what we had.

It was a. Reat Friday, but Saturday was great too. More on that soon!

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