Sunday, May 19, 2013

Life Happenings

I finally blogged about Vietnam so now I need to cover from April break until now.  Oh, I forgot to mention that Vietnam was COLD.  And by cold I mean coming from 100 degree weather every day to high 60s low 70s everyday.  I only brought a light jacket and was cold.  So coming back to the 100 degree weather was a shock to my system.  I got sick right away. I wasnt able to go to school the first day back after break.  That was no fun for me or my class.  I felt better enough to go the next day and managed to last through the week.

BUT Sunday my body had different plans. I woke up in the middle of the night with extreme pain in my ear.  I went to the hospital/doctors office in the morning with the help of some friends.  I almost passed out while there but got to see the doctor, got drugs and went home and slept.  I went to work on Tuesday... bad decision.  Came home, ate dinner, and slept for the next 30/35 hours (I had my class figure it out for extra credit!) I was out of work for the rest of the week.

Whatever got me, got me good. I was miserable.  But am thankfully healthy now!  I feel great. Other than the fact that it is still 100 degrees every single day. I am sweaty ALL the time taking multiple showers a day, feeling disgusting all the time.  But welcome to the tropics.  I am hopeful for rainy season and am considering changing my attitude toward the rain.

School has been crazy.  My kids are ready to be done and so am I.  We are doing a Medieval unit which is apparently what Grade 4 is known for so it is a huge deal.  We have been trying to have fun with it and learn lots.  Part of the process is to have a castle in my room.  It takes up a lot of space but the kids love it.  This was taken while some kids were still working on the castles they were making out of cardboard.

Thurdsay we had a Craft Fair and Monday we are having our Feast.  I will share pictures and explanations then.  Hopefully it will all go well.

Moe has been staying busy with subbing, grad school things, and cooking!  He has officially applied to school at Chiang Mai University.  He had an interview with them a couple weeks ago and we are waiting to hear back from them.  He did find out that they are switching to a Western schedule this semester so he will not start school until August like me!  This means that we will have our summers off together and hopefully get to travel some more!!

He has also started cooking bacon from scratch with the help of a friend and is quite excited about it. He is becoming a pro at the market and loves finding hidden treasure places to eat.  He is living the life and loves every minute of it.  I am so blessed by him.

I got my phone working so now have a working phone in Thailand. It only took me a whole 10 months to do it.  I have been practicing motorbike driving but still not confident to hit the roads alone.

I have 3 weeks of school left!!! I cant wait.  But I am also a bit sad. I will probably maybe cry to see these kids leave.  They will always have a special place in my heart, no matter how many days I have left feeling defeated.  They are precious to me.

I will have one week of school off to relax.  I will then be teaching Summer School.  I am teaching about 15 3rd-4th graders.  Its not summer school for kids that failed, but for kids who need some activities and structure in their summer.  We will play games, practice math and writing/reading.  In the afternoons they will have P.E. and other fun things.  We will go on some fun field trips too.  I hope it will be a great time.

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