Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Medieval Festivities

Over the past few weeks Grade 4 has been learning about Medieval Times.  This is a huge unit for them and hopefully one they will always remember.  They did lots of research on their own and shared lots of things they learned.  In order to celebrate the learning we had 2 fun events.  The first was a Craft Fair in preparation for our Medieval Feast.

The Craft Fair had 7 stations where the kids made something at each station.  We had AMAZING parents volunteer to help out and run each station.  I was able to enjoy watching the kids work rather than run a station. It was beautiful.  The stations were:  Candle Making, Soap Carving, Mosaics, Stained Glass Windows, Calligraphy, Potpourri Making, and Castle Making.

Here are some pictures from the day.  Most of the students loved it!!

Then on Monday we had our Feast.  We used the crafts to decorate for the feast.  Plus in Art the students all made coat of arms that we hung up as well.  We invited the parents to attend as well as some of the administration.  It was a great event.  The meal was as medieval as we could get.  Bread plates (that were sadly a little frozen), thick vegetable stew, chicken pieces, water (no wine for this event), and pies.  The students got/had to serve their families before themselves.

Each kid had to research a role/job of Medieval Times and become that person for the day.  They had to dress up and some presented speeches explaining what a daily routine would look like for that person.  The costumes were so fun.  I myself dressed up as a peasant or farmers wife.  My class was a little disappointed in my costume though, for some reason they thought I was going to be a queen!

Here are some more pictures.

OH I also have to say that the workers at our school are amazing.  They did so much of the prep work for both events and cleaned EVERYTHING up for us.  They are truly amazing and such a blessing! 

We now only have 10 days left of school!  I am pumped. I can not believe I am almost done with my first year of teaching!!

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