Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What a week!

We had a very eventful week!  It all started on Monday when I went to the market via public transit.  I did my thing and enjoyed myself wonderfully.  I called Moe to come pick me up and he did.  On the way home we got stopped/trapped in a police trap thingy.  See, I forgot to remind Moe to bring my helmet and he forgot about it too. It's illegal to not wear one.  SO once we got pulled over the officer asked for his license and well we don't have that either!  Needless to say we got a ticket and had to walk to the police station, which was just down the block.  We get there and it is crazy busy so we have to wait a good hour before getting to deal with it.  The original officer told us it would be 600 baht (200 for the license, and 400 for the helmet).  When Moe got to the counter at the station, the man said 200 baht only!! We only had to pay for the license part.  We then walked back to our bike and went home.  While this trip was supposed to take 10 minutes and ended up taking 1.5 hours, we thankfully did not have to pay much!

Tuesday Moe helped me out at school. I had to clean up after summer school, which was probably worse than after normal school, and definitely more depressing! Then we reorganized some things and prepared for next year, which is only FOUR, 4, see (4 in Thai) weeks away!!!!!

Wednesday I went back to school for a few things and back to the market for a few things.  Then I was exhausted and went home and slept! It was beautiful.

Thursday I slept some more! I think I am starting to fully appreciate summer break.  Thursday night I went to the night market with a friend Lindsay who was in town from India, but really America.  She has lived in India for the past 6 months.  In high school and what not we were family friends.  It was so fun to be together again and share our cross cultural experiences.  Some things are VERY similar and some things are VERY different.  It is soo cool to learn about other cultures and compare things.  We definitely had a good time.

Friday I went to a friends house which required high way driving.  I have been driving a good bit in town and to close, familiar places.  While I knew how to get to her house, I was afraid of driving on the highway for the first time.  So, my lovely Moe drove out with me.  He led the way and I followed him.  We stopped to get gas.  I thought I didn't need to get any but Moe suggested I should.  So I pulled up to the pump and pointed to the one that I thought I needed.  I then hear Moe screaming NOOOOOO.  It was the wrong one.  Of course, I chose the one that would terribly damage my bike if mixed together.  Thankfully he caught it in time and no bad gas was pumped!!!!  What a man! Anyway, I made it safely to my friends house.  We were able to talk about life, and school, and families. It was fun to just be with someone else and share life with them.  The rest of the night Moe and I hung out at home and played games.  It was a much needed restful relaxing day.

Saturday requires a post all of its own so that will come next.  Basically cooking class and dinner amazingness!!

Sunday was another peaceful day.  I slept in!! And so did Chico.  I think he is learning about the beauty of weekends!  Moe and I went to dinner at a beautiful restaurant and enjoyed happy hour and delicious food! After that I went to the Sunday Walking Street as it is called with Lindsay.  Sadly we weren't there long as I had to go, but we both got the things we needed.  Then as we were walking to the motorbike it started POURING rain.  We stopped at an overhang for awhile to wait it out.  It slowed after about 5 minutes and we got public transit the rest of the way.  Once we got to the bike it had pretty much stopped.  Lindsay stayed to keep shopping and I headed home.  My first time driving in the semi-rain and it was night time :( It wasn't too bad though. I went through a deep puddle that got me wet.  Then a car drove past me and splashed me. But other than that it was safe and I made it home just fine.

What a week!! I hope you all are enjoying your summer like Moe and I are.  Sorry for the lack of pictures but some stories are better off without time for pictures, only spontaneity.

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