Monday, August 5, 2013

Thai Cooking Class

Since I am way behind on my posts, this is going to be mostly a picture message!  I told you awhile ago that I participated in a Thai cooking class.  My friend, Lindsay, and I joined a class of 8 other people from all around the world.  It was an all day event which turned out to be quite fun!

Our menu.  We got to choose 1 of each item to make. I chose 1. Pad See Uew 2. Spring Roll 3.  Coconut Milk Soup  4. Mango Sticky Rice 5. Penang Curry Paste

The place where the magic happens! 

Lindsay and I in our beautiful, required hats :)

The farm where some of the ingredients were grown.

Our super cute cooking instructor explaining the many oils

My cooking station, making Pad See Euw (chicken, veggies, noodles).

Lindsay cooking up a storm. 

My finished appetizer

Prepping the spring rolls.

Watching others make something...

Penang curry paste and chicken

Finished curry, chicken, and soup.

We had a wonderful time.  We made a lot of food, made some new friends, and enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere.  It was a great experience.  You should come try it ;)

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