Saturday, August 10, 2013

Weekend trip to Bangkok

Moe and I went to Bangkok for our last getaway of the summer.  We were only there for a short time but very much enjoyed ourselves.  We flew down Friday afternoon, not arriving to our hotel until 6pm.  Our hotel was beautiful!! It had a living area, a kitchenette, and a bedroom.

We then went out to dinner to a Korean BBQ buffet thing with some of Moe's video game friends who live in and near Bangkok. We had a lot of fun trying new foods.

Saturday morning we slept in a little. We then went to the hotel restaurant breakfast buffet which was fabulous!! We relaxed a little was vacation right!  Finally, we decided to be productive and went to explore the palace. We found out it was a little further from our hotel than we had thought. It took us about an hour via metro and boat taxi to reach our destination.  It was definitely worth it as the palace and the temple in the quarters are beautiful.  These first pictures are of the temple at the front entrance. It is gorgeous.

I had to wear a skirt, and the hat was because I forgot my sunglasses!

The Grand Palace

front entrance

guards keeping watch

Moe afraid of the statue. 
 We then went back to our room to relax after all the walking we were exhausted.  It started to rain a little so it gave me an excuse to nap :)  We then went to a mall (there are bunches) and found H&M and shopped til we dropped.  We then had OUTBACK for dinners.  mmmmm mmmmm it was so so so good. I am very sad we do not have more steak in Chiang Mai.

Sunday we woke up way too early to go to the Floating Market. It is a little further outside of Bangkok than I was expecting. We had scheduled a tour that left at 630 and got back at 230! We had to drive about an hour outside the city to get to this market.  It was very cool though.  The shops are set up along the canals and people use boats to get to the shops. Some shop owners pull boats close to them to get people to buy their things.  Originally this market was for the local people selling the goods they make/grow, but now it is solely for tourists.  It was still a fun experience to see how things began in Bangkok.

The name of the market...please excuse my finger :)
leaving the dock...

a shop in a boat. 

a man with a giant snake, dont worry more snakes joined him later :/

a shop on the dock. 

Moe and I having a great time!

After we got back to our hotel we had lunch and then hung out in the lobby/restaurant for awhile until it was time to leave.  We took the train home which was a 14 hour ride. It wasnt too bad though. I think we might do it again!

We loved Bangkok and hope to return often. We barely saw the city but the ease of getting around and the larger international things are definitely major reasons, for me, to go back... hello.. they have an IKEA!!!

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