Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Classroom 2013-2014

My classroom this year makes me very happy.  As always, there are still things to do and surfaces to clean, but after the first day I was too exhausted to care enough to stay late at school.  I came home and put my feet up for awhile before tackling the mound of things I brought home to do! Ugh the never ending joyful life of a teacher :)  Here are some pictures of my classroom if you care!

Supply center and bulletin board

Student cubbies neatly organized!

Library baskets and reading area

new writing bulletin board

some library books labeled finally!!

View from the door. Love my Pom Poms made from tissue paper. 

Homework and Objectives chart

Word Wall and Alphabet on the white board. 
We had a great first day of school. My kids are so well behaved (we'll see how long it lasts ;)) and kind.  As part of our team building/bonding we came up with this class promise together in which the whole class signed in agreement to do.  What a great group, they truly came up with this on their own!

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