Monday, May 5, 2014

Fish Spa and Earthquakes!

In the past 2 days I have had 2 brand new experiences:  a fish spa and feeling an earthquake.

First the earthquake because... well duh.  Moe and I were standing in the kitchen cooking dinner.  Things started to shake. I wasnt sure if it was construction or what.  But it kept going for a few seconds before we picked up Chico and walked quickly outside realizing it was definitely an earthquake.  Outside we saw almost all of our neighbors that we have never seen before! I would guess it lasted a minute or so and Moe guesses that it was about a 3 something on the scale.  We could see the cars out front shaking a little bit too.  It literally just happened so I will update once the internet tells us what really happened.

EDIT:  Apparently it was a 6.0 magnitude earthquake.  The link here has more information.  We are about 3 hour drive south from Chiang Rai.

The other cool thing we did this weekend was a fish spa.  I dont know if this is special to Thailand or Asia or not, so please enlighten me if it isnt.  But here they have these tanks of fish that sit on the floor and people pay to put their feet in the water and have the fish sucked on.  Apparently the fish scrub off the dead skin cells and help improve blood circulation and skin elasticity (said the sign!).

Moe and I had wanted to do this for awhile and since we were out with friends and nothing to do, we decided to try it. I must confess that I am WAAAAAY too ticklish for this to be incredibly enjoyable.  But Moe loved it.  I am actually quite proud that I lasted the whole 20 minutes, but I had to stick my feet to the bottom of the tank so the fish couldn't touch the bottom of my feet.

They loved Moe's feet

Enjoying ourselves!

Afterward, though we all felt like we had incredibly clean feet.  It is definitely something you should try at least once in your life!

PS Three day weekends are the best!!! Only 5 more weeks of school!

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