Friday, April 25, 2014

Koh Chang Vacation Final Part!

Koh Chang is a relatively under-developed island compared to many in Thailand.  Natural forests and beaches are prevalent.  Many areas along the beach are still trees.  It also is very hilly/mountainy (which I already established was a word).  It makes driving challenging, but makes for amazing views and beautiful scenery.  We loved the naturalness of the island.  

Our hotel in Koh Chang was beautiful.  It was right on the beach, and a private peaceful beach at that.  It had a nice restaurant and pool.  It was about 200 bucks for 4 nights :)  Moe and I thoroughly enjoyed waking up and falling asleep to the sounds of the waves.  We loved walking the beach and exploring the town.  We truly enjoyed our vacation!

Another wonderful thing that we did was get massages right beside the waves.  Our hotel had a spa service about 20 feet from the waves.  We got back and shoulder massages that was unbelievably amazing.  It was one of the highlights of the trip for both of us!  Just to rub it in a little more, it was only about 15 dollars total!  
It was so nice to relax.  We loved to sit at the pool in nice chairs but still be able to look at the beach and the waves.  It was great to be able to throw the Frisbee in the ocean and then go relax in the pool.  We definitely relaxed (when we werent trying to avoid Songkraners at least!).  It was bliss.  Most of our meals contained fresh seafood and we sat for almost an hour enjoying the conversation, the views, and the foods.  Im ready to go back!

View from restaurant first night. 

beautiful beaches

the pool looking back to our hotel. 

the chairs we sat at and enjoyed the view.  love this!

view from dinner night 2

dinner date :)

being silly
One night we dressed up a little to go out to a "fancy" Italian restaurant. I use fancy in quotation marks because its Thailand so its not that fancy.  It was outside as well.  But it was a great date.  Also it was nice to be able to go into town dressed nicely and not be afraid of getting soaked.  We verified that Songkran was over before we went on this exploration!
picture at the hotel 
restaurant sign

pretty chandelier

Moe and his 4-cheese ravioli and beer

my lasagna and sprite
Pictures before we left at 6am...ugh...but it was still beautiful!

my great travel companion!

The bus ride and flight back home were fairly uneventful which was nice after such an exciting trip.  I was super burnt on my back though so I was uncomfortable most of the time.  Our bus driver was CRAZY weaving in and out of cars, turning and U-turning on red to beat the lights, speeding like crazy.  One of our fellow travellers said that he was "driving like a fish flopping around all over the place".  I found that simile quite exact!  Although we left the beach at 6am we did not get back to our house until 10pm.  The bus trips and our flights did not align so we spent many hours reading at the airport, which wasnt bad.

Overall it was a great trip.  If there werent so many beaches in Thailand we would consider going back, but why go to the same place multiple times when you can go to new places ;)  But if you are ever in Thailand and want an adventurous beach vacation, I highly recommend Koh Chang!

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