Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Koh Chang Vacation Part 1

Moe and I enjoyed a 5 day vacation to Koh Chang Thailand during spring break.  It was quite the adventure and thus I have been afraid to write this blog post.  So I am going to share about it in parts.  Today you get a picture heavy part.... but lets be real, every post about vacation is picture heavy!  The map below shows where Koh Chang is in relation to Thailand.  It is the second largest island in Thailand.

On one day of our vacation we signed up for a snorkeling and fishing excursion.  Neither of us had ever been snorkeling before.  It took me a little bit to get used to, but it was incredible.  I just wish we had a waterproof/underwater camera.

our boat for the day

supporting Arnar clothing across the world!

not comfortable but fun!

beautiful snorkeling stop

loved the mossy tree stuff..... cant you tell I know my science ;)

Moe Fishing!
First Fish!

squid as bait

This dude, one of our "tour guides" was amazing. Caught about 12 fish

Moe catching boats...

other leader left fish right on the floor of the boat, but caught tons!

Caught it by the tail!

leader cutting and cooking up the caught fish... no catch and release here!

another snorkeling spot with shipwrecked boat

swimming spot the water was so clear

beautiful scenery from the top of the boat

excuse my burn :(


Moe loved the monkeys!
 This day was wonderful and beautiful and relaxing.  The weather was perfect.  So perfect that I got very very burnt :(  Definitely a great day and worth the 50 dollars :)  We love Thailand! Remember more to come!

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