Sunday, April 6, 2014

Favorite-ish Chicken Recipes

I have been trying to cook a lot more and not just cook but plan meals in advance.  It has been mostly enjoyable for me.  So I thought I would share two recipes that I find very appetizing.  I am weary to use the word favorite because I dont know that I can decide on absolute favorites.

Moe and I eat chicken a lot.  This is partially the case because I love chicken, but also because beef is expensive here and not that good of quality.  So I have been experimenting with some recipes.  I must confess though that I am a recipe follower.  I rarely venture away from the recipe!

The first one is called Ranch Chicken.  We had this tonight for dinner.  Its delicious and SUPER easy.  The chicken has wonderful flavor.  We paired it with mashed potatoes and corn, again our favorites. Ranch Chicken Recipe.  I forgot to take a picture, I know you are bummed. Maybe I will add one tomorrow when I have the leftovers.

The other recipe I am much more proud of.  This one requires me to actually mince garlic and work at the recipe.  Also, I sort of adapted the recipe to fit our needs better.  The original recipe comes from here.  But mine looks a little different!  First I cook cubed chicken.  Then I basically follow the recipe :) I would strongly suggest using angel hair pasta because spaghetti evaporates all of the liquid and takes much longer.  Also, I think it is great without the cheese at the end.  I add a little bit of milk to thicken the sauce but not much and then dont do any heavy cream.  It too is delicious.  The picture makes it look quite plain but really it has lots of flavor.

Finally Moe has started cooking a bit too.  Maybe I have mentioned this before.  Anyway, we had homemade pizza this week and Moe did a great job.  We had one ham and one chicken pizza! He was especially proud of the crust!

If you would like to share any of your favorite chicken recipes I would love that, or ones with pork, or anything.  I try to stay away from beef and cheese meals because they are little expensive here, which is quite unfortunate for my taste buds! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing - looks like the pizza had a bit of art deco splashes on the side. Can you get angel hair there or do you need that sent?