Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pollution - Part 2

Well the pollution is still bad. We had our second week of absolutely no recess time.  Every recess is indoors in our classrooms.  That is an extra 45 minutes with the students each day... yes we have a lot of recess time!  Towards the end of the week it seems better, but we dont have school on Fridays this month for various reasons and holidays.  So we have had to deal with it.

My students have been wonderful though.  We have been playing Spot It (thanks mom!), Uno, Jenga, and so many other things.  The kids have been staying quiet, letting me work, and occasionally offering me to join their game.  I definitely am counting my blessings as this is not the case with other classes.

It has also been disappointing for our athletes.  We have had to cancel many after school activities as well. Our school participates in a Tri-Sport Tournament in Bangkok every year. The best 12 boys and 12 girls from the varsity teams play three sports (volleyball, basketball, and soccer) competing against 3 other schools playing 9 games in 3 days!  I am coaching the volleyball and basketball for the girls.  But because of the pollution we have barely had practice, like 30 minutes per sport, and we leave tomorrow!

I am very excited to go though. It will be better air.  A lot of fun. And I might get to go back to IKEA! Plus it will be a great experience and I am sure the teams will be great... right?!  My bags are basically packed.  Skittles... the essentials... my pillow/blanket, an owl, a friend got me for Christmas.

Not much else is happening here though.  Chico got a haircut.  Moe is working on his masters thesis though he has had some drama, which you can ask him about. The third quarter of school is over.  Report cards are due. April Break, spring break, is 2 weeks away and we are counting down the days.

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