Wednesday, March 25, 2015


We finally got some rain!! Monday I went out with a friend for some ice cream after school.  Of course when I decided to come home was when the storm decided to come! I had to drive extra slow because of the fierce winds and sputtering rain.  It only lasted a few minutes though.  Tuesday however was a downpour.  The winds were still fierce but the rain was fiercer.  It probably rained a solid hour or two.  It rained so hard that our roof began to leak! What a way to start not-rainy season.  Our landlady stopped by that night though and we told her about it.  She said she would get it fixed soon.  She rocks.

The rain was great for so many reasons.  It wiped out the pollution so we were in the safe zone, green, at 50 levels and very clean.  It cooled things down. I actually was cold again on my motorbike in the morning.  And it brought clean air and freshness to this dull season.  The kids loved it too because it meant outdoor activities again!  They were able to have full recess, PE, and after school activities again!  whoooohooooo.  Let's be honest though, it is probably the only time of year when I like the rain!  I am not ready for rainy season yet... good thing I should have a couple months still... hopefully.

The Tri-Sport Tournament was a huge success.  We tied for first place!! I think I mentioned that it was a point based system with a win getting 3 points, a tie 1, and loss obviously 0.  We played as a school so both the girls and boys team points were totaled together.  The school that hosted it was the other winner so they were generous enough to give us the trophy.  So I have decided to tell people that we brought home first place rather than that we tied!

It was so fun to be with the team and have athletics be the focus of three days.  It was exhausting and hot as well though.  The kids were awesome.  They were great sports and did amazing.  New relationships were made and others were strengthened.  It was a great time and something I hope I get to do again.

Here are both the winning teams and the coaches. Sorry for the poor quality!

And an action shot! Thanks to the parent who took this ;)

And this was taken by a student on the yearbook staff who brought a GIANT camera with him!

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