Wednesday, September 12, 2012


This past weekend we had lunch with friends and then they were going to take us to the Dog Shelter where they have rescued dogs.  We went and it was a little scary for me.  There were about 175 dogs all in one massive area. It was feed time so they were all on edge.  There was non stop barking.  Some dogs were growling at each other and fighting. It was too much.  Matt and I both left worried we would never find a puppy!

On the way home our friends decided to take us to the 'pet market' an area where pets are sold.  As soon as we got out of the car we could hear barking and animals.  It was cute.  Each stall type store had their own collection of dogs.  There were lots and lots of puppies.  We stopped at the first place which had Thai mutts, chihuahua puppies, alsatian puppies, and one shih tzu.  We looked them all over, asked how old they were and how much each was just to get an idea of what prices would be.  We continued and saw a great variety of dogs.  We saw pugs, and huskies, and labs, and spitz, and poodles, and pomeranians.  Each dog was in a cage and not fighting, which was a relief for me!   They were all so cute.

I had decided very early on that I liked the shih tzu.  She had brown and white spots all over her and her little tail was wagging so much.  She was so friendly and happy.  So we decided to go back and look again.  The kids that were with us loved playing with her and she loved playing with them.  Our friends got out their Iphones so we could do some research, for Moe's sake.  Moe wanted to make sure it was a perfect dog for us ;) We finally decided that we would take her!! She is quiet possibly the cutest puppy ever :))  Meet Suzy!

the day we got Suzy

Suzy was so playful and wonderful the first night we got her.  But we knew that something was wrong the next day.  She had not eaten since we had gotten her even though we bought the exact same food they were feeding her before.  Plus she kept throwing up the little bits of water she had.  We took her to the vet multiple times the first 2 days.  Then yesterday Moe took her in again and they wanted to keep her over night.  She still had not eaten and they wanted to put in an IV to help her.  

We just got her back tonight.  They said she is doing much better.  We got quite a few medicines to give her over the next few days but hopefully that will help.  She has already eaten since being back, slept a little, and played a little.  Right now she is sleeping in her bed beside me looking adorable.  We are so happy to have her back and trust that she will be doing much better over the next few days.  We cant wait to watch her grow and learn all about doggy training!

Here is another picture of our cutie!!

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