Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Update and video of driving :)

We have had a long and busy week!  I got a lot done at school and finally reorganized my desk space.  I feel much better about it and more organized!! My students are definitely in routine and letting their true personalities shine ;) I am very happy with how things are progressing though.  I am being adventurous in my classroom while still trying to have fun and maintain learning.  I feel so honored to be where I am.  The staff is so kind and supportive.  I definitely feel right where I am supposed to be!

This weekend I really wanted to do something adventurous but we are watching our money and what not so Moe was against it! We did finally go shopping with a car again and got a trash can and an ironing board!  Sunday we decided to go to Airport Plaza and shop around a little.  It was a beautiful day so on the way home I decided to record a video.  If you watch this please, please, please, watch with the sound OFF.  It was way louder and windier than I imagined.  At the stop light you might want to listen to what I say but that is up to you.  This is only the second half of the trip but still interesting.  In it you can see an outdoor fruit market, the river, a temple, crazy driving, and much more!  (I have been having trouble uploading it to the blog, if it doesnt work you can watch the video here on my facebook.

Also this week, I went to the Ministry of Finance Office or something like that to apply for my work visa.  The school is super super helpful.  They took a van of 12 of us, led us to the place we were supposed to go, asked all the questions for us, called us up to sign 1 paper, then finished everything else for us.  I literally only showed up and signed my name.  I have no idea what I signed or what else the lady did.  It is one of the amazing and scary things about CMIS.  They have people who do everything for us.  We sign where they say and trust that whatever we are signing is legitimate and needed.  Anyway, the building we went to was GORGEOUS and it was HUGE. I didnt have my camera to take a picture but trust me!

Moe has been looking all day every day for a new puppy.  We might be making progress and have more to report on that soon too.  Also, we got a maid.  She comes from another teacher at school because she needed more hours.  She is here 2 days a week and is a miracle worker.  We are so blessed and Moe and I get along much better without arguing over who is doing the dishes ;)

Well I think that wraps up our week. I will try to be more diligent about this.....try.  Love you all. Hope all is well.

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