Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Changing roles

We have now been here for 7 weeks and we are finally settling in to a place of our own.  We love it here.  Our house is cozy but probably too big for just the 2 of us!  I feel like we need to have parties every day just to make use of all the space.  BUT we are slowly filling the holes and marking our territory.  Last weekend we went to Big C Extra, similar to Walmart, and spent a lot of money.  It was like shopping right after our wedding.  We bought almost everything we could need.  Things like sheets, silverware, dishes, pots and pans, towels, bathroom supplies, hangers, and many other things.  Somehow we did manage to forget a few things like trash cans (even though we bough the bags) and a hanging rack for drying our clothes.  Anyway, we are settling in that is the important part!

What I really wanted to share today is how Moe and I have changed over these 7 weeks.  In some ways we have almost reversed roles as to when we lived in the States.  It is quite silly but also quite interesting to me.  Moe has given me permission to share this stuff so dont get your panties in a bunch (gee I love that phrase!)

The most obvious one to me is driving. In America, I was the "risky" driver (if we can even call it that).  I would speed and cut corner or whatever.  Moe would stay behind a car, barely reaching the speed limit and not even think about anything "risky".  But here, Moe is all over the place driving.  He is driving down the center lane of traffic with cars on both sides coming both ways.  He is passing cars on the shoulder and sometimes getting hit by tree branches just to get ahead.  He has definitely adopted the Thai way of driving motorbikes.  If I were driving.... oh boy. I would be staying behind a car the entrie way.  I would go slow just to be safe.  Please notice that I am using the future tense, would.  Driving here still scares me even though I definitely enjoy riding.

Another area we have changed roles is with our worry.  Back in the west :) I would be the one to worry about everything.  I would be paranoid that something might happen or we might die or get lost or whatever. Here Moe is that way.  He always has to have a map or know exactly where he is going.  He is paranoid we are going to get broken into or lose our bike.  Thailand is a safe place but he isnt so sure!  Now, I should make it clear that this doesnt mean I have stopped worrying! I still worry about my classroom or my kiddos but not getting lost or going to the grocery store or trying to talk to people.

The other area is money. In America, I would shop all the time and not worry about the money I was spending.  Here I am the one watching every baht and worrying when I think something is too expensive.  Moe on the other hand has no care for it all! He is buying stuff all the time and doesn't worry about how much it costs.  (I think this is related to my dilemma with money but that is a story for another time)  Today I found a pair of shoes that I liked that were 200 baht.  I was afraid to get them because I thought that was too much money.  Moe glared at me and reminded me that it was only 6 USD and that I was getting them.  He is so cute.  We also went ahead and splurged on a box of popcorn.  3 bags for 109 baht which is about $3.50.  That really is a little expensive for popcorn but we were craving something salty!

AND to top off all of Moe's money habits.  Today he bought me flowers.  TWO different kinds.  He must really love me!  He found some ceramic shop that he loved and bought 2 vases and a toothbrush holder that we have been needing.  He didnt want to just bring home empty vases so he bought flowers as well!! He must have known that I had a hard day at work today!

So there you have it.  Moe is wonderful.  Our roles in some things are suddenly totally opposite.  It just goes to show that people can change!  It has definitely opened our eyes, challenged us, and given us new appreciation for life.  We are loving each new adventure and appreciative of each new day!

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