Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The smells of Thailand

Before we left a few people warned us of "the smells of Thailand".  Moe and I did not think much of it at first.  Our first few weeks here we still had not thought much of it.  We drove around in cars.  We walked through well populated areas that were quite clean.  We ate at western restaurants that were air conditioned and clean.  For the most part we stayed in a very centralized area and did not go far past that except for with trained 'Thais'.

However, this has recently changed.  We have moved further out from the city (the house where we are house-sitting). We ride our motorbike much more often.  We explore the local markets for food and clothing. We take back roads to school and other places.  And let me tell you..... it smells!

There are places that are so odorous it is hard to breathe.  Thankfully (at least while on the motorbike) they only last for a few seconds until you get through them.  There are pockets of grotesque smelling things flowing through the air.  Passing food stands is a Do so at Your Own Risk type thing.  Some places smell lovely and make you want to eat there.  Other places smell awful and make you wonder why there are actually people eating there!

Right around the corner from our house-sitting house is a terrible pocket of smells.  I must say there is probably a reason it smells so bad, but currently I have NOOOOO idea why it is there.  Every night that we walk to the market we must endure this smell, not just once, but twice.  Sometimes I re-think eating dinner because I do not want to bare the smell!

So I must confess that Thailand is smelly!!!! Again, only parts of it :) But those parts are wicked!!

Well thats all I have for you for today.  I am hitting the hay. It has been a long day! Monday, I got news that a student left the school.  Today I got a new student to replace the missing one.  SO I had to retrace many of our steps and make sure that our new kid was comfortable..... Hopefully it worked.

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