Saturday, August 18, 2012

Quick update and address

Hey all.  School has started and been wonderful.  I have a total of 17 kids.... thinking I was going to only have 14 means I have a LOT of students.  It is crazy how much room 3 kids take up! My classroom feel cozy even though there are still a few things I wish I could change. But I will try to wait until October break for those things.  A couple noteworthy things about school.  Each morning the kids come to school and have morning recess.  A bell rings and all the kids line up. I go down and pick up my kids and have about 3 minutes to get upstairs before the National Anthem starts playing over the loud speakers.  Once it starts playing everyone must silence, stand, and be still (generally with hands to their sides).  This is protocol for everyone in the country. In addition to morning recess, the school has 2 more planned recess times with an additional time at lunch for those who finish early or what not.  PLUS the kids have 2 P.E. classes a week.... so they get plenty of play time!!  But after each recess time the kids in grades 3 and up all just run back to their classroom. No one lines up before going in or waits for everyone to be together.

Oh and recess duty.  I have 3 recess duties which is fine since their are so many recesses! I took my whistle out the first time and asked Deyla if I needed it. She simply smiled, somewhat chuckled, and said "No." Recess duty means make sure no one dies. I have been given few other rules to go off of and have trusted that the kids know what they are supposed to do! It is so different here.

Anyway, I LOVE having such a diverse group of students. I have 2 born in America although one is a first gen. American.  I have 2 Australians (and I love their accents!!) I have 6 Koreans and 7 that were born in Thailand. It is so fun to learn about their culture and upbringings and everything.

We have played lots of games and done lots of projects and crafts together.  We have had lots of fun and seem to be getting along nicely.  I am very excited about this year.  I am still nervous about the planning and organizing that still needs done but am trying to stay positive.

Well that is all for now. I will share more tomorrow. I promise this time! We are now going to look at a few houses.  I am sure Moe will post pictures.  Hopefully we can get this whole housing thing figured out soon too!  Hope you all are doing well.

Oh and I finally got an address. If you need/want to send us something, it is best to send it to the school. This is what most teachers/staff do!  The address is so simple it is crazy

Brittany Knechtel
Chiang Mai International School
P.O. Box 38
Chiang Mai, Thailand 50000

(If you dont want to include CMIS, apparently you dont have to!)

Love you all. Enjoy.

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