Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Monday and Tuesday.. ugh

7/30 & 7/31  Monday and Tuesday’s blur of events!   Today's post was originally going to be much different.... lots has happened the past two days both good and bad.  I have a lot of bug bites... that is bad.  It is very unfortunate! But that is not the point of todays post.  It is just bothering me a lot right now!  Also, the Olympics also bother me.  They were just showing gymnastics which I have been dying to watch.  I was very happy.  Even though the commentary is in Thai I was still happy.  Then they decided to switch to the VERY beginning of womens soccer.  Now we are watching the national anthems and introductions rather than gymnastics which is currently happening.  UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ANYWAY,  yesterday we went house hunting again.  We were meeting up with the real estate agent who showed us a couple places last week.  We wanted to see one of the places again and she wanted to show us a new place as well.  We were very excited and were hoping to make a decision yesterday.  To make a long story short, we did. We found the perfect place.  Both Moe and I were happy.  It was the location and price I wanted with the character and space that Moe wanted.  We talked to the owners, made some requests, and set up a meeting to put money down today (Tuesday) to reserve it and move in next Monday the 6th.  We were both ecstatic. Everyone we talked to and showed pictures to said how lucky we were and was equally excited for us!
the beauty....$475 USD
Today we went to my classroom to do a few things before our meeting with the real estate agent and the owners.  While there Moe got a phone call from Gift, the real estate agent, saying that the owners had accepted money from someone else and the house was no longer available.  Both Moe and I were shocked and appalled.  We immediately called Principal and asked if this was normal and if there was anything that could be done.  He contacted a Thai office person to contact Gift and figure out exactly what happened.  (Listening to Thai people speak English over the phone is very difficult!)

What we found out and think happened was that the owner was not playing nice with Gift.  We think the owner already had shown the property to someone else who was very interested and planning on putting a deposit down.  The owner was sort of saving us as a back-up plan in case the other person fell through.  So even though we had a meeting and made verbal commitment that did not matter and she accepted money earlier in the day.  Everyone we talked to was shocked to hear what happened.  They said that it isn’t normal and should not have happened.  But it did and we have moved on.  We can look back and second guess every decision and said ‘what if’ but that gets us nowhere.  So we have decided to move on!

SO instead of meeting Gift to put down a deposit on a house, she showed us a new house.  I was not incredibly impressed with the house. It had a weird water feature right when you walked in and a pond next door.  The master bedroom was nice but for me that was about it.  Moe liked it though so that has made things complicated. 

water feature... the top bar is the hand railing... it is huge!
both rooms have seating areas. this is the spare room

We have been trying to decide if we want to settle with one of the houses we have already seen or want to start all over and begin searching again.  It is so tough to figure out but know that it will all work out.  Moe and I have definitely been working on our communication skills and are working on being honest about how we feel ;) So we now are aware of all of the emotions with house hunting… the good and the bad.

Now for other good news.  Yesterday I went to the Market with Deyla for fabric for my bulletin boards.  I was excited because I haven’t been to this market. It is ‘the’ market here and has anything and everything you can imagine.  Shops line the streets and there are shops everywhere.  Each ‘store’ might have 3 or 4, or more depending on the size, shops in it.  Here are 2 pictures of the largest ‘store’. The bottom level has food vendors selling any food you can imagine, fruits of all kinds, veggies of all kinds, meats of kinds, and some places sell full meals to eat on the go.  The second and third floors are clothing and other thing vendors.  Backpacks, clothes, toys, cosmetics, and random items are sold here. 

The fabric store was also very fun.  We supposedly went to the cheapest one but there were quite a few of every type of store that who really knows.  They had sections of fabric that were 68 baht a meter which is roughly 2 dollars.  I have lots of bulletin boards so I chose 3 different fabrics and got 3.5 meters of each for a grand total of 22 US dollars.  It was lovely.  Here are the pictures.  The first fabric is squares and the camera did not like it… sorry. 

While we were at the classroom today Moe and I put up the fabric on the boards and I very much like it!! I probably should have gotten something more fun but I guess I have to have fun things on the board instead.  I am very thankful for a helping husband. 

Well that is all for today.  Tonight we did nothing but talk about housing, eat Thai dinner and watch Olympics…sort of.  We have little plans for tomorrow too. I need to keep working on my classroom, so I will probably do that.  Hopefully Moe can drive around on the motorbike and find our new house!

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