Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summary Post

Here I am again apologizing for not posting in sooooooooooooooooooooo long.  I really need to get Moe to do this so that he can keep up with it. Between work, finding a house, Thai cultural training, and everything else we have going on I AM BUSY!  Every day I have come home pooped but with more work to be done.  It has been fun, challenging, intriguing, and most definitely a learning experience.  

Since it has been so long I will share some high points of our adventures.

Moe and I have gotten very adventurous with our transportation.  We rode together on the motorbike to dinner one night.  After dinner we rode to Rimping the grocery store and bought some more water and a few items.  We put the 6 pack of water in the basket and I held onto a bag.  We felt and looked very Thai!! (However they normally have like 10 packs of water plus 10 bags.  It is very very impressive how much they can carry on a motorbike!)
We also have used songtheaws and tuk-tuks on our own successfully now.  It has been fun and we feel much more capable and comfortable using public transportation.  We walked to a popular spot close by and got a tuk-tuk to take us to Burger King one night for dinner.  It was lovely to have fast food even though it wasn't that fast, but yes it tasted exactly the same!  Another night we walked to the same area and got a songtheaw to take us to Big C Extra, the Walmart comparable store.  Moe was able to barter with the driver to get the price where we wanted it! Here is a picture of me riding.

At the exit of Big C Extra there is a line of songtheaws waiting to take people home.  We had a cart full and were looking around.  A driver, who looked to be in charge, came up to us, spoke in English and asked where we wanted to go.  When we responded CMIS, he was shocked. He said that he has worked their doing maintenance for 10 years and knew right where it was (most people have no clue!).  He then made sure his other driver knew where to go.  The other guy offered a price of 120 baht.  Moe declined and asked for a better price, 60 baht.  The guy offered 100.  The guy speaking to us in English said that we should take the 100 because it was a good price.  Only the drivers on the street can do cheaper because they can pick up more people and go on bigger routes.  It was quite nice of him to share with us and help us be informed.  We took the price and got home safely and quickly.

Another thing I have been busily working on is my classroom.  Moe has been helping me when possible and been wonderful.  Here is the progress we have made so far from one viewpoint.  I will hopefully get my class list tomorrow to begin being more productive!

Last Thursday and Friday were holidays.  Something related to Thai Buddhist events and what not.  (Its too difficult to explain on here though very interesting.)  Anyway, we got to go into a temple on one day.  We were hoping a little more would be going on but we got to see the prayer room, library, and something else I cant remember.  It was quite fascinating.  Everyone was very welcoming and kind.  

Inside temple during prayer time

Something about gate leading up to heavens...

 I probably should have paid more attention but we have gotten so much information it is hard to keep it all straight.  

I know this is a lot of stuff but I have one last thing.  I will save my other big thing for tomorrow... hopefully I can post two days in a ROW!! Although we have not yet found a place of our own we will at some point this week be moving out of this small hotel style room.  A fellow co-worker who grew up here has been house sitting for her parents while they are in America.  They were supposed to come back last month but delayed their arrival until August 30.  She promised someone else that she would move into her new place by... well now.  So we will be house sitting for her at her parents house until they get back.  They have a dog, named Oreo, a maid and most importantly a KITCHEN! It will be nice to be able to cook soon.  We just need to get all our stuff packed and moved.  Good thing we only have 4 suitcases...well sorta.  

Well that is all. I think that covers most of what we have done recently.  We miss you all. We would love to hear updates from you.  While I love writing to you all, I hate always talking about what we are doing :)  We love you and want to stay knowledgeable about your lives as well.  Please email or facebook or skype us whenever you wish.  We are still working on figuring out an address for anyone who said they wanted it.  We will let you know as soon as possible.  Love you all.  Sa-wat-dee-kaa.  ('Goodbye' from Brittany)

p.s. hope this makes sense as I am so tired I did not re-read/check it! :)  Mai-pen-rai = doesn't matter.... very much theThai way!

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