Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas time in Thailand

Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!!

Moe and I are officially on Christmas break and have been since Thursday!! We have two full weeks off, which is apparently more than some schools in America :))  We are going to enjoy every minute of it.

Christmas has taken over Chiang Mai, however I hear that Christmas day will not be the same.  People will still work.  Schools maybe have the day off but only one.  Grocery stores are blaring Christmas music and cashiers are wearing Santa hats (they have been since Thanksgiving!)  Gaudy gold signs and decorations are everywhere.  The mall has a GIANT tree that is literally 4 floors.  Huge.  Here is my attempt at the picture:

We bought a small tree of own for the house.  It has only a few decorations but it makes us happy!!  It is perfect.  

I tried to be a little crafty.  I put tape on cardstock.  Painted over it.  Glitterized it a little :)  Only sad thing is I havent hung it up anywhere!  Please, tell me you know what it says... Moe had no idea :(

At school we were a little crafty too!! Pinterest is beautiful and inspired us to do some crafts.  We made strings of lights with colored paper and string.  On the back we wrote adjectives about the person whose name was written on the lights.  Here is mine: 

Here are half of the kids ones hanging up in the class.  It was possibly more fun for me than for the kids...

We also made button ornaments.  The school provided the materials!  Mine is the one on the left.... I was going for a random look.  I was then showed up by a kid who made the one on the right... very Christmasy

Another teacher donated this tree to us, so we decorated it with our button wreaths.  Some girls made the snowflakes for me so I put them on the tree too!  

Christmas is upon us.  Moe and I are very happy to be together. We are very happy for Skype. It has saved us and brought us closer to many people.  We are happy to be in Thailand for this holiday season.  May the holidays be just as good for you wherever you may find yourselves this year!

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