Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Elephant Camp!!

Today we went to Maesa Elephant Camp.  We chose this camp from the many others because these elephants PAINT!!!!  That was truly the main thing that we wanted to see and buy, an elephant painted picture.  

We got to watch the elephant show.  The show included elephants helping owners onto them, playing soccer, painting, moving logs, playing harmonicas, bowing, screeching, and other things. It was so fun.  We got to pet them and get pictures taken.  Moe and I both got hats put on us by the elephants! Below are some pictures and videos of our events.  We were thrilled, though we did not spend more than 2 hours there!  We will spend more time when we go with our visitors......

The painting Matt chose

The painting I chose :]

On the way to the camp we saw a strawberry picking patch!

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