Sunday, January 27, 2013


I just want to quickly write to tell you all how blessed I have felt this weekend.

It was a rough week with work and family and life.

My class is pushing the boundaries on a lot of things but I am trying to stay positive and find ways that we can work together for a common good.  This week we are performing leading the Elementary Assembly.  Each grade takes a month's virtue and leads the assembly, requiring skits and organization and pressure for new teachers like myself!  I have been quite stressed about it, having to make up scripts, assign roles, organize props, and what not.  It has been crazy. But Friday I realized that it doesnt matter. We will do our best. Come next month, no one will remember it!  Sure that might sound terrible but it is reality. A reality I needed to realize in order to move on.  My coworkers have been super supportive and encouraging throughout the whole process so that is always helpful as well.

Today, Saturday, two friends/coworkers/lifesavers and I went out to lunch and to get our nails done.  This has been somewhat routine for a group of us, but this time it was just 3 of us. It was so nice to be real with one another and talk life.  We all needed to share things and be there for one another and it was beautiful.  What a blessing!

Although Moe is fighting a cold he has been in high spirits most of the time.  We went to dinner tonight and then the grocery store and enjoyed being together.  We bought some new foods and are planning on trying a new meal for the first time tomorrow.  We have been cooking more the past couple weeks and it is fun to make meals together and explore what works and doesnt for us.

We are also considering traveling in the near future so that has helped bring my spirits up as well.  I have the itch to get of Chiang Mai so hopefully I can get rid of that soon.  Not because Chiang Mai is bad by any means, just because I WANT TO TRAVEL!!! We are here why not do as much as we can!

I have finally begun participating in school events! I have wanted to coach or help out with athletics or something since the beginning of school but struggle because of time commitments or scheduling or whatever.  I am now helping with scorekeeping for basketball and it is quite enjoyable.  I enjoy trying to talk to the refs in Thai. I enjoy sort of knowing what I am doing (they have some different rules here! the major one being 24 second shot clock for high school basketball!).  It has been fun and keeps me entertained for sure!

Well that is me.  Feeling the blessings tonight.  Even though our weeks have become fairly routine, I know I am blessed and here for a reason.

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