Monday, February 4, 2013

Random moments in 4B

So my class has been testing me a lot lately.  It has been frustrating. But we are all working on it.  Some of them are very cute and clearly notice when Ms. Brittany is frustrated so they try to help! It is sweet. Here are some fun things that I have had to deal with!

Today, I had a student carted out of my classroom in a wheelchair. He had tremendous pain in his side.  Nurse sent him home/to the hospital to check to see if he has kidney stones :(  poor kid.  My whole class cared for him though.  We had a moment of silence/prayer for him after he left and hopefully he will recover quickly and be back soon!

Today, I had a student tell me that I was a bad teacher because I had to look at his spelling list paper to give him the next word for his spelling list. He was appalled that I did not have his list memorized.  Additionally, he did not care that I have 4 spelling lists to work through, teach, prepare for!

I have a girl with mega ADD.  She gets distracted by everything, literally even her fingers distract her.  One day I was quite frustrated because I felt like she (or lack of learning support) was holding up the entire class. It took her 90 minutes to complete 10 of the 21 problems of the math quiz.  I stopped her there and the class had to move on.  Friday, she completed 11 problems in 40 minutes!!! We are making progress folks!

I had to explain paper cuts to half of my class.

Valentines Day, the word 'love', romance books, guys playing girls parts in a play, etc. make almost my entire class pretend hurl.

Some of my boys were fascinated by my painted toes during read aloud time Friday. So fascinated that they were touching my toes.... which in this culture is brave.... or rude, depending on how you view it!

We had a journal entry entitled: "While you were at school your mom turned into an alien.  What happens when you get home?"  Six kids asked me if this really happened and asked if what they wrote had to be true.  Creativity is NOT their strong suite.

I had to explain what a pair of something was.

Subject verb agreement is torture for ESL or ETL (English as a Third Language) students!

We are doing Country Reports.  One child is researching Canada.  They have to find 2 famous people from their country.  I learned that many many famous people are from Canada!

Google is a website with information on it.  Google is the only way to use the internet.  Not using Google is like death.

One day I said "4 on the floor" twenty times in a matter of 80 minutes.

I have a student who every morning responds to my "Good morning!" with 'Hey Bro!'

Last Wednesday, after our assembly, I played basketball and poison with my students.  We had 15 minutes left of school and they were shot and so was I.  We went outside and played.  I played too! It was loads of fun.

I know there is more fun stuff to share but currently my mind is away from me.  I will try to keep track better for you!

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