Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Day

Valentine's in Thailand is very different.  Only similarities:  Everyone goes out to dinner and everyone buys flowers.  Both are quite cheap here.  Other than that it is different.  Valentine cards (for kids) are not possible to find here.  There are some "Happy Valentines Day" cards like what 'grown ups' send.  Limited special Valentine's candy is made, but chocolate is popular to buy.  No fun heart candy or sweet hearts or anything like that.

Anyway, at school we had some fun.  Last week I had no idea what to do but was suggested to do the felt heart weaving basket.  It was fun! I learned a lot about my kids while doing it!

My school is blessed to be able to order some supplies for crafts and things.  I had them order me felt. I got way more than I needed.  I had about 100 pieces of 5x12 in. I am so sad that I forgot to take a picture of the GIANT stack. It was silly how much felt I had, and still have.  I gave half to my buddy teacher.  After her class and my class did it and a few mistakes, I still have 35 pieces left.

Anyway, it turned out great.  It is hard to tell in the pictures but the hearts do open.  I hot glued the edges a little so candy and things could stay in it without falling out.  I'm not really supposed to share kids pictures but I wanted you to see their crafts and the only pictures I had were with them!

The other thing that we did during our party time was play Valentine's Bingo.  It was a huge hit.  Even for my boys who HATE Valentine's Day as I was told so so SO many times! 

Finally, my Valentine/February bulletin board in our hallway.  Each student made a heart and wrote what book they LOVE reading and why.  I think it is so cute!

Anyway, enough about school.  Moe and I came home from work and relaxed for a little bit.  I took a nap. Moe played games.  Then we went out to a nice dinner and went grocery shopping.  Nothing fancy.  We enjoyed time together that is what really matters right! ;) Holidays aren't as important for us right now, especially Hallmark created ones as Moe says constantly.  I will say I was slightly sad that Moe did not buy me flowers since they are so cheap here. But he made up for it the following night by insisting I buy some clothes that I really liked.... I am trying to be adventurous with this whole clothe shopping thing here! More on that later though!

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