Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Making House

This post was supposed to be revealed much earlier in the week but some of you know that I had a fall on my motorbike that delayed things.  I am still not entirely sure what happened to create the fall. All I know is it happened and I am alive.  I know I was stopped at a dead end, coming home from the grocery. I accelerated into the turn and somehow ended up on the ground.  Thankfully I wasn't going too fast nor was it raining.  My arm is scraped up pretty good and I have other cuts and bruises along the left side of my body, but it is manageable.

Anyway, I really wanted to share that Moe and I are finally settling in to our apartment.  While we have almost been here for a year we are just now starting to make our apartment our own.  While we have put in our own clothing and kitchen supplies and what not, we are just now starting to put up our own decorations and pictures.  It is a process that makes me very happy and relieved.

Before I show you pictures I have a slight tangent.... Moe has officially been accepted into university here in Chiang Mai in order to get his Masters.  The program is called Sustainable Development.  It will be in English and with people from all over the world.  Moe and I are both SOOOOO excited.  It is a 2 year program so that does mean that we will be for 2 more years.

Anyway,  here are the things we have done to the house, some being purchases and others being creations!  I hope we (lets be real, I) continue to do things to make our place a little more us!

We bought this beautiful bowl made out of mango wood and hand painted.  Moe and I both love it and hope to add other pieces to our collection!

We also bought this lovely rice container to decorate with.

We bought the vase to match the rice container and hopefully will get fresh flowers in there soon... hint hint Moe!!

Put all of those things together in our Dining Room and this is what you get!

I then made this collage of pictures of our friends and family.  It is HUGE.  Taller than me.  It hangs in our bedroom and makes us happy every morning and night!  

Finally, the piece I am probably the most proud of because it took the most work. I have been loving chevron and wanted something in our house that was chevron.  I noticed that our neighbors (the mechanics) sell spray paint.  So I got crafty and made this beauty.  I printed the letters, glued it on black and then onto yellow popsicle sticks.  Then I did the chevron which took FOREVER! I attached the letters to the board.  I am still hoping to find a better way to hang the picture but for now I approve of it leaning against the wall.

This is our new sitting area at the top of the stairs.  We bought the 2 chairs and the tablecloth.  The other pieces (yes even the flowers) were included in the house just in other locations.  I am very pleased with it so far, though it is not perfect by any means.  We are hoping to get a smaller table and maybe a bookcase for upstairs as well, but that is a little ways away.

Well that is where we are for now.  I have 1.5 weeks of summer school left.  We are hoping to travel here soon, but will keep you posted on that when it comes!

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