Saturday, June 22, 2013


I made it through my first year of teaching.  I truly can not believe it.  I learned so much this year and am so thankful for all of it.  The journey has been one to remember for sure.  I will forever treasure this first class and the impression they have left on my heart.

But the joys of being a teacher is that a new year is just around the corner and I have already begun planning new things for next year.  I have new goals, new dreams, new plans, new everything! It is beautiful.  I am so glad that even after a semi-crazy/chaotic year, I still love teaching and want to begin a new year.

Anyway, school is over...well sort of.  I am doing summer school so it isn't really over for me.  I had one week off to 'plan' but really I did basically nothing! It was beautiful.  Summer school is not for failing kids but more like school or activities that engage the brain to keep kids occupied.  Last year  was the first year the school did it and most kids were Korean, straight from Korea speaking NO English.  I was weary of participating this year but was encouraged that would not happen again.

When it came down to it, the last week of regular school there were only 8 kids who had signed up for summer school... definitely not enough. So things were adjusted from having about 10 teachers to lead summer school to 2 teachers, myself and another new teacher.  By the Monday after school let out we had 15 kids.  By the following Monday when it was supposed to start we had 19 kids.  It was crazy.  We did get a Thai aid (from our school) to help us as well so that is great.

Summer school is 3 weeks long for kids in grades 1-6.  Each week we go on a half day field trip and a whole day field trip.  We do all kinds of fun things like playing and eating and reading and cooking and games and crafts and stuff. It has been quite enjoyable.  We just finished our first week!! Only two more weeks to go!  We did end up with a handful of Korean students who speak little to no English.  That in itself has been a learning experience for me to figure out how to communicate with them without making them feel childish! whew.  Some of them are very challenging.

On our first field trip we went to the Botanical Gardens.  Here are a few pictures.

As soon as you walk in to gardens! It was beautiful

Large building dedicated to King

Pretty Waterfall

coconut garden.. I think.

The second field trip we went to Adventure Land where we did ziplining, tight rope walking, rock climbing, swinging, animal petting and more.  It was quite adventurous for some of the kids and we had a handful of teary eyes.  But by the end we had lots of smiles and tired kids, which in my opinion is always good!  Here is my attempt at the rock wall... dont judge me!

Here is a link to the blog about Summer Camp if you truly want to know more!

In celebration of me conquering my fears of heights for the day by doing these things, Moe and I went out to dinner to a place we have been talking about going for awhile.  It was very good.  I got potato skins and chicken finger appetizers ;) I have not had these things in SOOO long that it was a beautiful treat.  Moe had a nice burger.  We will probably return there!

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