Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Year

Finally getting around to posting again....

This New Year's Eve was spent similar to last year.  We went over to friends house.  We played games.  Then we came back here to watch the fireworks from our rooftop.  It was very cool in my opinion.  We could literally see fireworks all around us.  Our heads were spinning trying to catch everything that happened.  The restaurant across the street from us did not do anything this year.  I still dont know how I feel about that.  It was nice because it was MUCH quieter.  But not nice because they were soooo close and sooooo cool.  We enjoyed the festivities for sure.  I later (12 hours later) skyped with my family during the countdown on the east coast, so I am proud to say that I celebrated the new year twice!

In my Bible study we talked briefly about our goals for the year.  I decided I should share mine in efforts to make them happen for real.... (I am well aware that some are way to vague and broad, but I tried to make some attainable and realistic too!)  Also they are in no particular order.

-  Be intentional about relationships
-  Spend quality time with family and friends
-  Cook more dinners/Try new recipes
-  Travel (to the beach, Malaysia, and America)
-  Finish this school year to the best of my abilities
-  Be more specifically encouraging to my students - not just "keep going" "you're doing great"
-  Get organized
-  Blog more - new goal, twice a month....
-  Be more budget conscious & Save
-  Read 15 books.  (I read at least 17 this year, but more than half of them were from my class library...)

okay thats all I have for now.  I would love to hear about your goals for the new year!

This week was quite eventful.  We all started back to school.  And we all got hair cuts.  Sorry for the poor quality, but here is what we all look like now!!

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