Tuesday, January 14, 2014

ramblings from today

Random thoughts for today....full of fun capitalization, smiley faces, and ...s :)

Mosquitos are everywhere!! I have tons in my classroom :(  The school sprays the campus every month to get rid of them, but still they exist.  I pick up my helmet (which sits in my basket on my bike) to go home, and out comes 4-8 mosquitoes.  I shake my shoes which sit outside our door at home and out come 8-10 of them.  UGH!!! Its annoying, not gonna lie.

I have learned the benefit of stopping in the shade at a red light regardless of if the shade is 10 feet behind the line...some people stop even 100 ft back just for shade.  I might feel a little ridiculous when I do it but it is definitely worth it.

Chico is learning too fast.  He can now open his cage, so we have had to come up with some contraption.  He uses the couch like a trampoline and jumps all over it.  We have a kitty ball hanging from the back door where Chico goes outside,  he has finally actually learned how to push/move it when he wants to go outside.  He just opened our gate (a large box that covers the steps) and got upstairs while Moe wasn't paying attention.  He knows that if he whines while I am doing something, I will probably stop and pet him. Why does he have to grow up so fast ;)

Moe and I have officially mastered making chicken wings.  We got a variety of BBQ sauce for Christmas, they only have 1 kind here and it is sorta expensive, and have been using them a LOT.  Today we added french fries to the meal and it was perfect... perfectly unhealthy.  BUT at least we dont fry the wings...right?

excuse our Christmas place-mats... really placemats is not correct google???

Today I ran/jogged for one minute in class with my kids.... I was waaay too tired after that.  :(

The weather this week has been wonderful. :)  (mentioning this specifically for my Midwest friends!!) The mornings are a bit chilly on the motorbike ride to school, but the afternoons are beautiful. I love all the sunshine and warmth....someone should remind me that I am saying this come March/April and hot season.

I have been doing a lot of reading and I imagine it will only continue.  I have 4 book clubs at school, 4 books I havent read and am reading along with the kids.  A couple books I am reading on my own. And stuff for my own classes and professional development stuff.  It is sorta crazy considering not too long ago I didnt read anything!

Sleeping has not been my friend recently... well at least not at the right times.  I havent been able to go to bed at a reasonable time for a person who wants to be at work at 7ish.  However, ask me to take a nap sometime between 230(when I tell my kids to go home) and 5 and I am out like a light...ugh.  The past 2 days I have not taken naps so hopefully I will start getting back in to routine.

Since this post is about all things random, here is a picture of Chico.... measured to banana scale.

that means he is only as long as 3 bananas.  

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