Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Recap Nov. & Dec.

In attempt to get back into blogging let me go back and share some things that have happened.  I do hope to be better at blogging in the future ;)

Thanksgiving was a great day.  We did have school all day.  Friday was a teacher development day, so no kids but had to go to meetings.  After that Moe and I went to a friends house for Thanksgiving meal. There were 3 couples there.  I made mashed potatoes and corn and we cut up veggies.  I had not ever cooked for that many people before so I had no idea how much to make.  PLUS we had to ride the motorbike.  So it was interesting to say the least.  We are getting very good at being resourceful!  Anyway, dinner was wonderful.  We enjoyed our time for sure!!

Christmas was great as well.  Moe and I both had 2.5 weeks off of school.  We spent a great deal of time relaxing and spending time together. Christmas Eve we watched a movie together and pizza for dinner at our favorite place.  I went to a candle light Christmas Eve service at 11pm with a friend.  It was very nice.  Christmas day we pretended that we were home and everything was closed.  We slept in a little.  Then made French toast and bacon for breakfast.  We took naps, skyped with family, opened presents, and made dinner together.  We made barbecue chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn.  It was wonderful.  We enjoyed our holiday.  Hopefully here is a link to look at some pictures.  Christmas images  (included in there are my doors from school.  I love to decorate for the holidays!!)

Also we got a handful of gifts from our family.  We are truly blessed by those of you who sent us things.  Thank you so much.  While we can get many things here, it is such a treat to get a box at school full of goodies!

Overall we had a wonderful holiday break.  We enjoyed not doing much and spending time together.  I however am ready and excited to get back to routine and to school!!

I trust you all had a wonderful holiday as well.  Love and miss you!

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