Monday, June 30, 2014

It feels like I never left

Honestly that is how I feel, like I never left.  While some things have changed, many things are the same and still natural.  And this honestly surprises me a little bit. I tried to stay in touch with people and things in order to feel like nothing has changed, but I guess I assumed it would. For example, I still like the same things. I still remember how to get around places. I still know how to drive a car and choose places to eat.  I still know how to do laundry and wash the dishes ;) And of course I still like finding good deals and shopping at Target!

But there are definitely things that are different. Or things that I have done once and realized are part of my other life.  Also, there are experiences I have had that I have been happy about that make me realize that they are not part of my other life too.  For example, the wind. My parents house has quite the breeze fairly constantly.  I have realized that Chiang Mai has very little wind.  Also the clouds are different, but I only noticed because I thought the clouds were very pretty and a friend looked at me and said... thats normal! Some other things that I have done that arent for this life is attempt to turn down the wrong side of the road - no one was around so dont worry.  I tried to put my arm out to signify that my mom was getting over and I hit the window instead.  I am amazed at all the options of cereal or at McDonalds how vast the menu is.

I find myself happier with strangers too. In Thailand everyone is so nice and welcoming and happy that I have become that way too. I notice that people dont expect it from me here and it is kinda fun.  Also I have realized that when I am in Thailand, "back home" refers to America and when I am in America "back home" refers to Thailand.  That is neat. Experiencing multiple cultures is fun.

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