Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Travelling and arrival

As I am sure you all know I made it safely to America.  My travelling was fairly uneventful.  I was awake most of the first flight to Seoul and I slept about half of the 13 hours to Toronto.  I was able to happily watch 4 movies on the flights and ate way too much.  Korean Air does not want you to be hungry thats for sure!  

In Toronto I had a good 6 hour layover so I was in no rush.  It was a good thing too because I had a long way to go, to find my connecting gate, and a long line of customs to go through.  I was not prepared to go through customs for the US in Toronto but I did. Thankfully everyone could speak to me in English and give me amazing directions multiple times! It was so nice.  

But then it got a little different.  My flight for Columbus was very small on Air Canada.  My gate was at the not so good part of the airport.  At this one wing of the aiport there were about 6 gates right on top of each other with very limited seating and they all were scheduled to depart about the same time. It was chaos.  Plus, all of the gates went to the same spot so it could have been very confusing.  Every time I began the next step I verified my destination.  Boarding pass - to Columbus right?  Turn towards this plane - to Columbus right?  Sit on the plane - to Columbus right?  My plane was so small that I had to walk on the tarmac (i think its called) to get to the plane.  There were 9 rows with 2 on each side of the aisle. The last row had 5 seats in it with no aisle, similar to a van might!  It was so strange.  

In Columbus, we again had to walk on the tarmac and up the back stairs to reach the normal airport part.  My international travels had not prepared me to not go through customs or to be part of all the other people right away.  I stopped at the bathroom on my way to baggage claim and burned my hands on the surprisingly hot water.  I then kept walking to baggage claim down this long hall.  Coming into view was a man that looked familiar, but I was not anticipating it being my dad!! I thought I still had lots to do before I met my family.  Then I see my mom and brothers behind. It was such a joyous reunion...I sound so silly, but it really was a treasure! 

Anyway, I would have a picture to share with you, of my really small plane, but that brings me to my next point.   Yesterday while out shopping with my mother, I lost my wallet and phone.  I am very bummed about this. I had just gotten a new drivers license on Monday and was going to get my phone reactivated yesterday when I could no longer find it.  I then called my bank and a charge had been made that day that I did not do.  So I suspended my card and filed a police report.  Thankfully I caught it and can get the charge taken away probably.  I'm sad to lose my phone, my nice wallet, and everything but I just have to remember that these things happen sometimes.

Aside from that, being Stateside has been wonderful. I love spending time with my family and helping them move and settle into their beautiful new home.  We have been very busy with that so I think I am over jet-lag!  I didnt really experience it much because I have been so busy and then so exhausted by bedtime.  

Hopefully soon I get a new device so I can take photos to capture my amazing time here and share it with the world! ;)

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