Saturday, June 23, 2012

27 days but many blessings

We are now down to 27 days until arrival in Chiang Mai. It is quickly getting closer!    Trying to fit in doctors appointments, friend visits, family dinners, and everything else is quite interesting.  Our days are crazy.  But we would not want things any other way.     
I also wanted to share some blessings we have recently received.  Wednesday we received our VISAS!!! I was so so so so excited.  When Gramma brought me the mail I truly shrieked with excitement.  It took only 12 days (7 business days) and 2 shipments of information from me.  I assume that if I would have sent all the proper information the first time that it would have been done in 3 business and back to us in less than a week!  Thank goodness for efficiency within the Thai Embassy!!  

Secondly we received a check from our land lord.  This was something completely unexpected.  For those of you who don't know we broke our lease in order to save money.  We left 3 months early.  We were told that if they were able to rent our apartment within the next month we would get a prorated amount....blah...bah...blah!  The point is they were able to get our apartment rented fairly quickly and we recently got the check for the prorated amount.  I was stunned when it arrived.  Although I loved the apartment and did not think they would struggle to find a new tenant, I was not holding my breath for more money! But again God had a different plan and blessed us yet again!  

Thank you all for your support.  We can truly feel your prayers and are so blessed by the support system that we have here.  Every day is a reminder that we are following His will and in His hands.  

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  1. This is amazing, incredible and absolutely wonderful. Thank you for sharing and I isn't God's grace and favor so much more than we could ever imagine. Looking forward to seeing you both very soon. Love ya!