Wednesday, June 6, 2012

plane ticket trials

We have been trying to get our tickets forEVER. I know... its terrible. We are leaving in close to a month and still hadnt bought our tickets.  Today was the day though.  We had everything figured out and sure enough the prices went up TODAY! I literally cried when I saw it. But we found a different website and figured out a different plan.  We went to pay for them and encountered another hurdle.  I cried again.  It was awful. We FINALLY!!!!! figured it out and it WORKED!! Can you tell Im excited?  We officially have tickets and are good to go.  Now we just need to figure out the visa situation.  

In case anyone cares, here is our travel information.  Eric, Matt's brother, will be driving us to Chicago Tuesday evening and we will be staying in a hotel in Chicago.  Our flight out is at 12:45 and we will be flying to Seoul, South Korea.  We will get there at 4:25pm Korea time.  We will leave for Chiang Mai at 7:20pm and get there at 10:50pm Thailand time.  We will be traveling for over 25 hours!! eeeeeek!  This is what our flight will look like....

This is what I wish we were riding in!?!?!?!

If only!!  But enough about our flight.  Our trials are over.  We are officially able to move!  I guess we still have to wait on our visas, but at least we have tickets now.  I have to say special thanks to Moe for getting us through this crazy ticket situation and keeping me somewhat calm!  Also, to both of our parents for being willing to help in whatever way possible.  We are so blessed to have such awesome parents and support.  Thank you both, we love you lots!!   

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