Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Teacher freebies

         I have had a wonderful revelation.  The network for teachers is unbelievable.  The past couple months I have been perusing the blog world, pinterest, teacherspayteachers store, and all sorts of other avenues.  Now that I officially (well almost) have my own classroom, the hunt for things has been much more serious.  And to make it even better there are sooooo many free things!! I love finding things that are FREE.
          I have been stocking up on spelling activities, math activities, labels, borders, free desgins, all sorts of things for my classroom.  I only spent money on ONE thing.  Which I think is pretty impressive.  I bought the owl themed classroom from Middle Grades Maven.  However, it was on sale!  It has soo many things in it.  I cant wait to use it.  I cant wait to use all of the things that I got, especially this poster.  
          I am going to have to reorganize my computer files.  It is time to get rid of all of my college nonsense and  get ready for teachery things galore!  (really teachery is not a word.  Its about time to update that one dictionary :)) All of the stuff I have already gotten, I cant imagine what my files will look like in the years to come.
          The other thing that I have been thinking about A LoT is what my classroom will look like in Thailand.  I have only really seen a few pictures from other teachers or on the schools website.  I am very intrigued.  I have been told of some things that I wont be able to get while in Thailand such as bulletin board borders and wall calendars, so I am stocking up on those things.  I also think I am going to take a few things that I know I want to use, just in case they dont have them there.  Plus I will be taking some of my gifts that I got earlier in the year for sentimental reasons :)
          Anyway, finding all sorts of things for free has made me even more excited to be a teacher.  I cant wait to get in my classroom and get things started. Not to mention how excited I am to meet my new class and begin this new adventure.  August 14th (the first day of school) is not that far away, only two short months!

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