Friday, June 1, 2012

turned in the keys

       We can now check something else off the list to make moving to Thailand even more of a reality.  Today we turned in the keys to our apartment and officially moved into the in-laws.  As you know this weekend was CRAZY!! But we have unpacked most of things, well really we have repacked most of our things and placed them in storage here, and have settled in to a new routine.  I definitely have to get used to the new commute.  We were 5 minutes from school and I could run home whenever necessary.  Now we are 30 minutes away and have to deal with traffic...ugh...not my favorite thing! 
       Anyway, we are here.  We are blessed to be here, to be saving money, spending quality time with family, and being more flexible.  It was definitely sad to lock up the apartment for the last time and drive away for the last time.  It was such a cute and wonderful place to live but everything has a season right?  I am trying to stay positive about it, but the realities of what we are leaving is hitting me hard tonight.  I miss our apartment; I will miss living in Ohio; I will miss our families and being able to stop in and see my mom whenever I want.  BUT we haven't left yet.  I will cherish each moment leading up to our departure.  Although I am very excited about the journey ahead tonight I am saddened by what we are leaving behind.  

Sorry for the depressing words tonight :(

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