Friday, July 27, 2012

7/25 and 7/26... Wednesday and Thursday

7/25 – Wednesday. House Hunting International – Knechtel Edition actually happened.  It was a craaaaaazy day.  We probably saw 10 houses in 1 day. It was unbelievable.  None of them were the perfect house for us but it definitely gave us a LOT to think about.  Moe has detailed pictures on his facebook.  I have tagged myself in them so you should be able to see them through my facebok as well. If not please let me know.

Anyway, I was quite overwhelmed after the day.  We saw so much and learned so much about our new home, Chiang Mai.  First I was challenged yet again to let go.  We were completely trusting two local Thai people who knew little English to take us around to these places and make sure that we did not get scammed.  They both work at CMIS and were super, super nice people so that always helps.  One of the ladies is an office worker and we bonded right away.  She was so cute and fun. 

We also learned that there is quite a variety when it comes to housing here and we saw it all! We saw average housing. We saw expensive housing with its own pool and top of the line everything! We saw a traditional Thai style house with open air rooms with everything made from wood. We saw dirty and grimy places as well as new and clean places.  It was interesting for sure.

the pool :)
Moe and I have been battling over a lot of things with housing so please pray for us.  We are trying to decide on a budget as things are so cheap here we are not real sure where to start.  The people we have talked to have different opinions on what is expensive and what is not, so it can be challenging to figure that out.  Plus, we are struggling to decide if we want a furnished or unfurnished place.  We do know that where we are is uncomfortable and not where we want to be. But that is about the only thing we know for sure!!

Getting a lesson
7/26 – Thursday.  Thursday was another learning day. We started the day by learning how to ride/use a motorbike.  Principal has graciously let us use his extra motorbike for a few days so we can get our bearings.  He explained how everything worked and the major functions. It might be important to note that neither Moe nor I had ever ridden or driven a motorbike.  We were both fairly worried about it, but I was definitely more worried. I had no intention of getting on or driving today.  Moe was ready though and itching to get out.  He got the hang of it quite quickly too.  We have a parking lot that goes 3/4ths the way around our building so Moe was practicing going around the building and 
in our parking lot
getting used to driving.  Then we decided he was ready to try some open roads.  We went to the side and back streets of our building where the school is and practiced there.  While he got the hang of the back roads, Principal took me on a quick tour so I experience motorbike driving and flow of traffic.  It was very scary at first. I was holding on tight through each acceleration and turn.  After a few minutes I realized that it was actually quite fun!  It was so much fun that I even released my grip and relaxed…except for a few scary moments J I did learn however that my goal as a passenger is to resemble a sack of potatoes in that I want to move as little as possible.  I definitely think I can handle this as the fear of God and everything else is quite imbedded in me after all the stories we have heard about driving here!

Anyway, we had a great time learning that.  It surprisingly did not take long either.  After that I took a nap. I was tired! Then we had lunch and I began a few teacher things….it’s getting so close! We made plans with the principal and his wife to go furniture shop (just so we could get an idea of prices…don’t worry!) and then have dinner at their house.  We were longing for a home cooked meal! Furniture shopping was quite revealing. Again there are lots of options. Rattan furniture is very popular here but surprisingly expensive.  We saw cheap sets of furniture as well as mattresses that could get us by. We then went to expensive furniture places. It was crazy how expensive some things were, like office chairs were like 300 dollars and a leather sofa for $9000dollars….crazy. It was fun to see all of the different styles and what was available though.  Most of the furniture is expensive for Thailand but somewhat reasonable compared to America.  There were things that Principal said were expensive but when comparing to American prices were still cheap. So again we have a lot to learn about pricing and what is what here!
lots of wonderful furniture

And finally dinner: it was WONDERFUL! It wasn’t really home cooked but it was so nice to sit a table at a house and relax.  We had what was basically rotisserie chicken, sticky rice, breaded pork chop, some noodle thing that was spicy, and something else I cant remember.  It was all finger food which is something Moe and I have to get used to. Eating with our hands is not something we enjoy. For dessert we had home made chocolate chip cookies that were to die for! Best thing we have had since being here. J Moe also had some coconut ice cream which I think he enjoyed.

We also went to the grocery but nothing important to share there. We got crackers, chips, Gatorade and few apples. Nothing fancy, but in case you want to know every detail.  We love sharing and are having a wonderful time.  We are ready to be settled and explore more easily and comfortably!  

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