Monday, July 2, 2012

July...18 days

          Wow, I can NOT believe that it is July already! Where did the time go!?! We are now down to only 18 days until arrival and 16 days until departure.  We are up in Michigan to spend our last week with Moe's family :(  It is going to be a crazy but wonderful week.  

          As far as updates about Thailand: We have chosen our seats for our flight!! Moe and I sit together and have a window seat on both flights.  On our flight to Seoul we are in the second to last row of the I am somewhat nervous about that.  We have our 'guesthouse' reserved for once we get there.  I am not real sure what that means but I do know that it means we have a place to stay for the first while that we are there.  We will hopefully begin looking for a place of our own as soon as we get there.  
          Ok I think this is all for now.  As I said we are in Michigan so not sure if I will update again unless something CRAZY happens :))  
          p.s. I did not bring my calendar with me so this picture is from google.  Googling the number 18 is a bad idea! Just in case anyone was wondering.  

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