Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sunday 22/07

We again woke up very early. But we are getting used to it.  We relaxed in the morning and Skyped with our families.  For lunch my coworker Deyla and her family came to pick us up for lunch.  We got to ride in a songtaew.  It was fun and different.  The back of the truck has 2 long seats on both sides and an open back.  We had 4 adults and 2 small children plus stroller and fit comfortably.  (Often there are many more people riding in them!)  We wanted pasta but that place was closed so we ended up at Dukes.  Dukes is a western place with a variety of foods ranging from salads, pizza, calzones, burgers, and steaks.  Moe and I both ended up with pizza. It was great.  Each pizza was 195 baht which is about 6 dollars. Most of the stuff was fairly reasonably priced….except for the steaks! Steak is a rare find in Thailand but it is at Duke’s, but imported from Australia.  The highest priced steak was almost 40 USD, unreal.

After Duke’s we went to CMIS to tour the school. However most everything was locked up so we only got the outside tour, which was fine.  Below are a few pictures. 

Admissions and Office 
high school classrooms

Then we went to an international church.  It was a large building with open doors for walls all the way around half of the building. The other half was enclosed and where the stage was.  There was a guitar player, piano player, and 2 vocalists. They sang a total of 9 songs all contemporary. We started service with Revelation Song, which is one of my faves! There were some stops in between songs for prayer and the sermon.  Oh and at the beginning there was a time for announcements and new people to stand up (no Moe and I did not stand up, maybe next time). It was so cool to see how many new people there were and where they had come from.  There were people from Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Chicago, Los Angeles, and others I can’t remember.  Over all it was a great experience.
After church we went home and relaxed. Oh, I guess it is important to mention that church was at 430pm and over about 6. Church is in the afternoon because a Thai church uses the building in the morning.  

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