Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 1.... 20/07/2012... Got to get used to that

Sleep was a wonderful thing for us.  We went to bed about 1230, shortly after we got to our place and figured everything out.  We were given a cell phone to contact the Principal so that we could arrange plans for the next day and so forth. We woke up about 830 because of time change and everything crazy. We got the internet going and relaxed a little here.

view from our balcony on a cloudy day
At about 11 we called Principal and his wife and they came to pick us up.  They took us to a Western brunch which was wonderful.  I had pancakes and Moe had a ham and Swiss sandwich.  They were both delicious.  They then took us to the grocery store, Rimping, which would be similar to a Kroger. It only had groceries.  There we saw many things that brightened our western tummies. They have peanut butter, ranch dressing, chocolate chips, and many other things that we were happy with that I can’t remember right now! Some of the western things that they have are very very expensive.  For example cereal exists here but it is ridiculously expensive.  For a regular sized box of Life Cereal it costs 350 baht which is about 11 dollars!! And I thought 4 dollars was bad for the big boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios (which they don’t have here and if they do is just as expensive as Life L) They do however have other cereals that are more local and do cost what regular cereal should cost.  There were other things as well that were ludicrously expensive but available if ever we should be in want (but again, I can’t remember what they were).

We also went to Big C Extra which is similar to a Walmart. It was HUGE!!! We were quite impressed. Inside this same building is a Home Pro shop which is like Home Depot and has household items galore. There was also a food court including McDonalds and other Thai food.

For dinner we went to a Thai place that is Principals favorite. Moe had yellow curry and rice and I had chicken and rice with soup.  It was very good. After dinner we went to visit a townhouse that is available 1 block from school and other shops. It is a PERFECT location. Moe has pictures on his facebook.

Throughout the day we asked tons of questions and learned lots!! We learned that Chiang Mai is very safe. (yay!) You can walk anywhere at any time and not be worried. The people here are very nice and accepting of foreigners.  A smile goes a long way and pointing is wonderful. Asian culture is a very happy and pleasant culture. ‘Saving face’ is very important. This means that arguing in public, getting frustrated, losing your temper, all are big no-nos here. It also means that children are very well behaved (yay for me!). But if ever you hear a baby crying here it is a foreigner’s baby; Thai children don’t cry (is it possible for me to have a Thai baby??....just kidding)  Moe was excited to learn that they have coffee here and American kind as well. He learned that they make it much hotter than in the States but I’m sure he will get used to it soon. We found watermelon and all sorts of other things that we are very happy about. 

Today, Saturday, we did nothing! It was good. We needed to just relax. We watched movies and slept a lot. We walked to get food and then right back and did it all over again. So we are thankful for that. 

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