Monday, July 16, 2012

It's almost time

Wow. This has been by far the fastest week of my life!! Monday we got home from Michigan.  Tuesday had dinner with my brother. Wednesday saw a good friend and celebrated a birthday with the family.  Thursday we did dinner and a movie with Moe's cousins from Cincinnati. Friday I ran errands with my mom, while hubby hung out with friends at home.  Saturday was our going away party, which was wonderful. Sunday we met my grandparents for dinner and said goodbye to some wonderful people.

Anyway, today is our last full day in Ohio.  We only have 1 more night in our bed :( We have a lot to do today! It is slightly overwhelming. But I know that all things will work out for good.

Just to remind you we are going to Chicago Tuesday and staying in a hotel there.  While we are there we are going to see The Bean.  I have been to Chicago multiple times but never seen The BEAN!!
We then fly out of Chicago at 12:45pm there time.  We fly to Seoul and then right into Chiang Mai. We will arrive in Chiang Mai at 10:50pm local time on Thursday which is 9:50am Thursday here.  I will send out an email or possibly a short blog update that we have arrived at the airport.  So please make sure to be following. Or send me your email so that you can be updated. 
Side note: I have caught a cold.  I am very sad about this. I do NOT want to be sick on a plane for 20 hours. So prayers are greatly appreciated.  I would love miraculous healing for my trip!

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